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Thread: HWQS Feed Thru Panel

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    HWQS Feed Thru Panel

    How are you guys determining the feeder size from the main panels for these panels. We have the HWAP--8D-20-120L3.... Everyone I ask I get a different answer from. I see nothing on Lutrons site dictating the size of the feeder. And then we also have the PNL 5 version too.....

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    Please reference page 2 of the install sheet attached. The Main Lug will accept wire up to 2/. Tighten Lug to 50 in-lbs. (5.6 Nm) for #14 to 8 AWG and 120 in-lbs. (13.5 Nm) for #6 to 2/. The HWBP8D-20-120L3 and HWBP-8D-15-120L3 should be fed with an 80A single-phase feed. The HWBP-8D-20120L4 and HWBP-8D-15-120L4 should be fed with a 60A three-phase feed. All module and control feed wiring is pre-wired.
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