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Thread: Time clock Problems

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    Time clock Problems

    My customer has text me multiple time to say the lights are not turning on and of at the correct times. Was there Friday checking and testing all through Telnet. Every worked fine. Set time 1 min before on and off cycles and watched the light works.
    Text from yesterday at 10:51 says nothing is on right now. Landscape should be off but flag, steps, and Home should be on until mid night.

    Only one table top and I left it in the dining room to make sure they are not messing with it or turning on the vacation mode

    Any known problems with 7.5 and time clocks?

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    Didn't see any problems with the file. They did just release 7.6, try to update and see if the problem persists.
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    If you are still experiencing this issue please ensure you have a connection to the main repeater and create a support file to send in to for them to analyze.

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    I spoke with Mitch, problem has been corrected. Computer had been set to GMT with no offset during an update to Windows.
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