Hey forum community! Below is a list of steps to help troubleshoot MI - HWQS communication issues. Feel free to add more information as you see fit.

Lets say the system is unable to communicate to the RPM lights via keypads, diagnostics or terminal.

We rule out an RPM hardware issue - using the rotary dials in the RPMs, the lights work perfectly. Sending the rotary dial from B-E will force the hardware to turn on outputs 1-4. Address F will turn on all zones and address 0 will turn them all off.

  • Disconnect the processor from any network or third parties. This would remove any variables outside the Lutron system.
  • Check the wiring of the MIs. Make sure that the MIs are all daisy chained. If the total length of wire is over 50FT from the processor to the last MI make sure a link terminator is being used on the last MI.
  • Check that the MI is in the correct link. Is it wired to link 1 or two of the processor? What link is the power panel assigned to in the HWQS software? Is it the correct processor (if multiple)?
  • What is the MI address in the software? Does it match the correct address to the MI in the panel? We have seen may issues occur because the MI is set to address 0 in the panel, but it is set to address one in the software. When doing any addressing changes in the software, you need to transfer to the system.
  • Make sure the RPMs have a correct address as they are assigned in the software.
  • Check the MI bottom right LEDs. If the top LED is not blinking, that means it has no communication to the processor. Is the cable used good? Check continuity or try another cable. We would recommend disconnecting PIN 2 as the MI is being powered from another source than the processor and may cause a communication issue
  • If the RPMs are blinking once every 7 seconds, they have no communication to an MI that is part of the HWQS system.
  • Check the MI Harness. It should have 2 purple and 2 white wires going from the MI to the RPMs. The 2 purple wires are solely for the TVM kit
  • If there is a TVM kit installed in the panel, the polarity of the MI Harness will then need to be taken into consideration. Ensure the connector to the MI has the white plastic facing upwards, or disconnect the 2 purple wires from the TVM to verify.