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Thread: Extent of integration

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    Extent of integration

    Is the integration with security systems limited to just triggering scenes when an alarm happens?
    Or would it be possible for scenarios where an motion sensor could be used to act as an occupancy sensor and trigger a scene? Conversely, could a RadioRA2 occupancy sensor become an input to the security system panel?
    This would be beneficial in the following ways
    1. Reducing the number of sensor warts on either the ceiling or walls
    2. The Simon XT panel has a hard limit of 40 RF devices. It is conceivable that the limit could be reached if a home owner decides to put sensors on all exterior doors, windows, interior environment, glass break & motion sensors, ...

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    You can use alarm system triggers (motion sensors, door sensor, etc.) to trigger actions in the RadioRA 2 system. Please be aware that these messages take the following path and thus could result in undesirable delay: sensor sends message to panel, panel sends message to servers over the cellular network, the servers send messages via the internet to the RA2 main repeater to trigger actions

    Unfortunately this is not possible to have the RadioRA2 occupancy sensors become an input to the security system panel. would have to add this feature to their service.

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    Would there be a way to wire the HW outputs from the Simon XT panel into the master repeater? Or is the route the only way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bktay View Post
    Would there be a way to wire the HW outputs from the Simon XT panel into the master repeater? Or is the route the only way?
    The Main Repeater does not have any contact closure inputs on it. The only device on a RadioRA 2 system with contact closure inputs is the Visor Control Receiver. If the Simon XT panel can send a dry contact closure to the Visor Control Receiver then it can activate scenes.

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    With the system setup with a static IP and the gateway correctly configured, the M status light still continues to blink once every 4 seconds. FrontpointSecurity (an provider) cannot add the main repeater as there is an error message stating that the main repeater has not communicated yet...

    What ports need to be open in the firewall for the integration to work?

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    Resolved. The gateway address was not set correctly (?system,13 via telnet showed although it showed up in the RadioRA2 Essentials software.

    Solution - set the gateway address

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