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Thread: My 5 button Hybrid Keypads (RRD-W5BRL) will not activate

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    My 5 button Hybrid Keypads (RRD-W5BRL) will not activate

    This could be a real newbie question so please be kind. :)
    I have two RRD-W5BRL hybrid keypads that are not getting recognized during activation.
    My Dimmers are having no problem. However, Dimmers that control the same set of LED lights are stating that they are already activated if one of the others (on the same set of lights) is activated. (this is another issue for <quite possibly another thread>

    Is there some sort of reset on the keypads beyond the following:
    "push a button three times and hold on third push till it flashes then push that button three times again"

    I have tried the above reset with no luck on the activation problem.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Ok, Never mind. I was able to reset the keypads and they are now communicating with the software. Thanks for the responses. lol

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