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Thread: Advanced phase= reverse, forward

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    Cool Advanced phase= reverse, forward

    Hi Craig,

    Can you describe what settings are users for what devices? Instead of just auto...
    Thank you
    I am not as dumb as you look..

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    Reverse phase dimming is used for ELV loads and forward phase dimming is used on MLV loads.

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    When ever asked the difference between Forward phase and Reverse Phase I shoot them this link. Seems to easily explain the main difference without too much detail

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    Great video!

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    Application note #19. Describes it a little more detail...

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    Not sure if I am out of line posting this video on this site but I only posted it to explain dimming better and not for any products described. If mods feel the need to remove it I would understand

    This is a more in depth details on dimming

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