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Thread: Grafik Eye + QSE IO

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    Grafik Eye + QSE IO

    Hello everybody.
    I have one question about motorized projection screen.
    I have projection screen in one office and it is third-party equipment. The request for this screen is to be controlled by Grafik Eye. I found that I need to use QSE IO device as interface to projection screen motor. Is it correct?
    Can somebody clarify to me how to make connection of projection screen and QSE IO device? The power supply for projection screen is 230V.

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    You would need to use a Grafik Eye QS and the projector would need to accept dry contact closures. You can then connect the QSE-IO to the Grafik Eye QS and have the Grafik Eye press buttons to control the contact closure outputs on the QSE-IO.

    Please see the attached documentation on how to program the CCO outputs from the Grafik Eye QS and the tecnical sheet with the QSE-IO wiring diagrams
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    Ok. Thanks a lot Armando.

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