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Thread: QS & shade wiring

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    QS & shade wiring

    With Illumination the shades were isolated on their own bus with interface through the Q96. If anything on the shade bus had issues it was limited to shade problems.

    I just learned a lesson on possibly something for best practices with QS HomeWorks and shades. With QS the shades can be on the same bus as keypads and wall power modules. But the shades have proven to me to be the least reliable part of the system (mostly due to installer errors) and a part of which I'm often not in control of if another contractor installs the shades. I recently had two loose shade connectors which caused errors in the shades and also interfered with other QS bus devices. Once those two loose shade connectors were found and tightened the other QS bus issues were solved. Problems included difficulty addressing some devices, slow upload times, upload failures and failed button presses. I assume it was all caused by data errors on the bus.

    From that experience I feel it's best to put at least large numbers of wired shades onto their own QS link separate from keypads and WPMs.

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    Agreed, would be ideal if a shade wiring issue could self-medicate itself or somehow detect when there is an issue with its own wiring.

    To add, I've worked on jobs where the ability to resolve an issue was severely hindered by the shades installer not labeling each connection at the power panel. This makes the "divide and conquer" method even more time consuming.

    Best practice: Encourage the installer to label each connection with the name of connected shade(s) to prevent potential headaches later!

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