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Thread: Languages and Characters

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    Languages and Characters

    Are engravings for QS keypads available in - say Chinese?
    (I swear I ask this, or at least think about it once a year, but never did it - so dont remember what the answer is...)

    Have a client who might want their KP's in Chinese - and noted I can run a button name in google translate - and copy/paste it right into QS onto the button. It shows up - looks correct... (Pending review of course)


    But can I order it like this right through the software? Any special process involved?

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    If you submit an engraving order via a software or to, we will process and print depending on availability. If there is a character or label we are unable to print normally, we will be contacting you about the possibility of printing a custom engraving order for the specific labels or characters.

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