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Thread: How to Integrated the HWQS with Crestron ?

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    How to Integrated the HWQS with Crestron ?

    I have a project that connected to Crestron, and the Home Owner want to able to control the room that didn't have Keypad Lutron but only Crestron. I create the phantom keypad, but how to show the phantom keypad that i created in crestron display ?

    any idea ?

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    The Crestron programmer would typically create a graphical representation of the keypad or specific buttons which would be displayed on the appropriate Crestron touchscreen/mobile device. Presses on the Crestron touchscreen would then be interpreted by the Crestron program and sent to the Lutron system making use of the phantom keypad. The phantom keypad in QS is intended for integration with 3rd party systems and not displayed as is in other systems. At least that's my understanding.

    Lutron post integration drivers on the resi site as an to aid Crestron programmers

    Hope that helps
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    so i didn't have to create the phantom button ? but how to make the keypad or a spesific button which would be displayed on the Crestron Touchscreen to turn ON the zone in Lutron Module ?

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    Crestron can initiate a phantom or real keypad, dimmer or RPM push. So you need to tell the Crestron programmer what you want done and the addresses of the buttons, dimmers or RPM loads you want controlled. The newer Crestron panels do have a built in web browser so you could create a phantom keypad, enable it for web and then just point the crestron browser towards that so the Crestron programmer doesn't have to do anything but I doubt you have the newest panels and thats a wonky way of doing it anyway.
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    (There is no web access to keypads in QS, or am I wrong ?)

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    I was thinking about that after I posted and I think that may be just Illumination systems.
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