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Thread: LED Issues

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    LED Issues

    Hello All,

    I currently have a Ra2 system running the latest 7.5 software. I recently upgraded a ton of bulbs inside my house to LED lights and they all work perfectly fine with the system.

    My problem started with the outside lights, I have 2 lights by the front door and 3 total over the garage and side door. All of these 5 outdoor lights have the same fixture and are part of the system. I changed the lights bulbs in those fixtures to LED's and the 2 at the front door work fine, they come on per the timeclock schedule and no issues, however the 3 on the garage side are giving me problems. They don't turn on per the timeclock settings, nor can I get them on by pressing the button on the wall keypad. The weird thing is that I can turn them on from their associated dimmer. What's also a little weird is that the corresponding dimmers to these garage side lights, the LED's on the dimmer are faintly, blinking on and off.

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can get these lights back working per the timeclock settings and keypad?

    Thank you very much,

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    Also to add to my above post, the lightbulbs that I am using in the outside fixtures are the Cree 75w equivalent A19 bulb.

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    Can you please provide us the model number of the Cree bulbs that are being used. This will allow us to if we have done any testing with these bulbs.

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    Sounds like a pretty typical minimum load issue/symptoms. Is the 2 light a switch or Dimmer (Switch should work/dimmer should not ~ assuming 6D dimmer). The 3 lights probably need a neutral dimmer (6NA or 10ND).

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    I second that. I've been on takeover jobs where the client installs CFL and LED replacement lamps only to learn that some dimmers are 10ND and some are 6D. The 6Ds will act very flakey as described. Generally we swap them out to 8ANS as many people aren't interested in dimming outdoor sconces.

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    Thanks for the replies.


    Here is the information on the bulb gathered from the Home Depot website where I purchased it. Cree 75W Equivalent Soft White (2700K) A19 Dimmable LED Light Bulb


    All of the lights in question are connected to a dimmer, the exterior 2 front lights that ARE working as well as the garage side lights that AREN'T working. I just want to get these working again. Please excuse my ignorance but I don't know what 6D, 6NA or 10ND mean??? Can you let me know what I should get/order to see if that works?


    So it sounds like the move is changing the trouble lights in question to a switch and not a dimmer? Can you let me know what model number that would be to order?

    Thank you all very much, I appreciate your help/expertise.

    Model # BA19-11027OMF-12DE26-1U110

    Internet # 204715054

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    Pete F.

    Based on preliminary testing of the Cree BA19-11027OMF-12DE26-1U110, we were unable to come up with a dimming solution using any of our controls. I understand that you have some applications that are working, however if it does not appear on our Compatible List, then we cannot guarantee dimming performance. We would recommend trying a bulb that does appear on the Compatible List.

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    If you have ability I would test/replace with one of the Neutral connected dimmers(RRD-6NA or RRD-10ND). The load of these lamps is too small for any of the other dimmers to handle reliably. It's likely you currently have installed a RRD-6D, 10D or 6CL* dimmer which has a minimum load of 50watts. (* 6CL May work with less load if on Approved Lamp List)

    Keep in mind if these are wired to a 3-way you may need to move the main/accessory dimmer(or switch) to the proper orientation [for neutral connected dimmers/switches, main device should be on the load side of the circuit].

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