I've got P-PKG1W-WH-C set from Home depot.
Idea is great - now 3-way wiring are totally obsolete - with these Caseta Wireless switches can be placed exactly how needed!

Only one issue - it seems that my in-wall light dimmer (PD-6WCL) doesn't run a bulb at 100%.
I am using it with regular 75W incandescent bulb - and if connected directly (or using old switch) - it brightens to 18 lux. And when connected to this dimmer - 13 lux only.
I've tried to adjust high-end trim (as shown here: http://www.casetawireless.com/Docume...ced%20Inst.pdf), but it doesn't get any brighter.
Is there an problem with my unit, or this is limitation by design?