In the Original HomeWorks system you can extract the file from each processor independently and then you can combine those files into 1 project file. Below are the steps on how to do this.

  1. Open one of the project files that were extracted from one of the individual processors.
  2. Go to special
  3. Select the option to compile
  4. Select the processor number the project file was extracted from
  5. Click ok
  6. Repeater steps 1-5 until all the files have been compiled
  7. Go to special and select the option to decompile
  8. Click No on the pop up box
  9. Change the "List Files of Type" to "Configuration files"
  10. Select the upload file for the first processor file you complied
  11. Click ok
  12. Repeat steps 7-11 until all the files have been decompiled
  13. Go to file and save
  14. Save the file under a new name no more than 8 characters long.