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Thread: Tracking Scene LED Logic with Pulsed CCOs

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    Tracking Scene LED Logic with Pulsed CCOs

    We had a customer set up an away scene to turn off the house lights, close shades, and shut off other applications with a pulsed CCO. However, the LED for the button would turn off because as soon as the pulsed CCOs finished pulsing, the scene would be invalid. Below is how we recommended the customer keep the LED on for the scene:

    The LED is going off after a second because it is set to "Scene LED Logic" and after one second, the CCO pulsed loads will go off. Attached is a sample project file programmed with the required application. One of the ways to have the LED stay on is to have the LED of the button reference a subset of the entire scene. The subset would contain everything in the scene except for the pulsed CCOs.

    There is a small array of lights, shades, and pulsed CCOs in this project. There is a keypad button labeled "Away" set as a conditional. There are two Actions created. One action called "All Off" will turn all lights off, close all shades, and pulse the CCOs. This is the action that the button runs. There is another action called LED track. It contains everything the All Off action does except for the pulsed CCOs. In the LED logic section of the programming, the field "LED based on" we select the scene LED track. The LED will be on when everything is off/closed, and will ignore the actions of the pulsed CCOs.
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    Sounds like a good idea. The only concern I would have the way you explained it is that you would sometimes need to change 2 scenes when ever you wanted to alter the away scene. I would think conditionally you execute a global scene and set a variable Then you could setup the led logic to track the variable rather then the scene. With out actually redoing this my first thought is you we need the button press to actually step a manual sequence since I believe that setting the led logic to follow the variable via a sequence is one of the easiest ways. I only mention this because I see room for error when unfamiliar programmer just makes changes to one scene rather then possiably both If all you had to change was a global scene called away its almost fool proof Hope I explained this in an understanding way. I do realize there is 100 ways to skin a cat.

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