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Thread: Fireplace and Damper

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    Fireplace and Damper

    We had a customer ask us for a conditional programming sample of a fireplace button that would monitor if the damper was closed or open before turning the fireplace on or off. We thought the programming would benefit the forum community. See the attached program and description on this application:

    We have a QSE-IO and a 1 button keypad in this project. Output 1 is a maintained CCO for the fireplace and Output 2 is a maintained CCO for the damper. There is a variable called "Damper" that has default state "Closed" and state "Open". The CCI 1 in the QSE-IO will monitor the Damper status. If it is closed, the variable will be set to "open" and if the CCI is open, the variable will be set to close and we are also turning off the fireplace (for safety reasons). If the fireplace is already off, that will not do anything.

    The button will be a conditional; the LED logic is set to turn on when the fireplace is on (whenever/wherever the CCO is closed for the fireplace, the LED will turn on). The conditional will first check if the damper is open. If it is, it will check if the fireplace CCO is closed, meaning that the fireplace is on. If this is true, then a sequence will run to turn the fireplace off, wait a minute, then open the CCO of the damper (closing it) and setting the variable of the damper to closed. If the fireplace CCO is open, then it will close it, turning the fireplace on.

    If the Damper variable is closed, a sequence will start by opening the damper (closing the CCO and turning the variable to open), waiting a minute, then closing the fireplace CCO to turn it on.
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    I had to do something similar around 8 years ago on a job where the fireplace wasn't drafting properly and we needed to install a draft assist fan in a remote location that had to work transparently. First let me say that I don't believe any fire source that isn't completely self contained, sealed should be controlled by any system other than the one supplied to provide local control. The possibility of an idiot programmer adding the fireplace to an all on or any other tiye of scene is too real a possibility and with fireplaces, firepits you can never know what might be sitting on the hearth or nearby that could combust so it should never be controlled on a system with other devices or allowed to be controlled remotely.

    However since the house I was working on was finished and an improperly drafted fireplace is a safety hazard and a code violation we installed a sperated RA (pre-RA2) system with nothing else on it other that the controls for the fireplace. Control of the fireplace was still only by the hald held ultrasonic remote and all the RA stuff was inacessable accept for servicing. We used an Exhausto fireplace draft assist system which had a fan to assist the draft and a vacuum switch to prove the draft fan was actually running. Simple mechanical operation with no logic required and all initiated by the fireplace's ultrasonic remote.
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