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Thread: 116% done

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    116% done

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    After updating to 6.2.0 my (force full transfer) upload hung for 45 minutes before i manually crashed the app. Before i gave up i noticed that i was 16% more done than i needed to be. Is this a bug or should i be waiting to a specific percentage before giving up? there a document that explains when i should or should not do a force full transfer? I made an assumption that i should do it today after updating software/firmware/the program file but im not sure if i needed to.


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    This is a bug where in rare ocassions,the transfer status bar will display values above 100%. It would not cause harm to the system or project. We are aware of this and are working on resolving this issue in a future version of the software.

    Were you able to successfully transfer the file? Please attach a copy of your project file to the post if you are still having issues or send it to and reference this forum post.

    Not doing a full transfer will only transfer to components that have changed. It increases the speed of the transfer as it will not give a new database to other devices. A full transfer will go through every device and give it a new database, ensuring every device has the latest project file. A full transfer will take longer to complete.

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