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Thread: problem with 6D not controlling a MLV load

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    problem with 6D not controlling a MLV load

    im trying to use a 6D to control a yard lighting transformer. the 6D only turns on for about a min, then i hear a buzzing noise, then the 6D seems to reset. it will do this over and over. i even tried a different 6D with the same result. isnt the 6D a MLV device? what am i doing wrong?

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    Yes the RRD-6D dimmer is compatible with MLV loads. We would first recommend verifying the transfer being used is a MLV transformer and not an ELV transformer. Also if you remove the dimmer from the circuit does this same issue occur?

    What is the maximum wattage this transformer can support and what it the total wattage the transformer is powering?

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    yes the transformer is MLV. it is big, bulky, and heavy from the windings. the transformer is rated for 150 watts, and the connected load is 20 watts. (possibly too low) if i connect a regular switch, it works fine.

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    6D has a stated minimum load of 50watts:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes, you need more load. The transformer will account for a bit, I'm sure the inrush is probably why it starts, but you need more load or a 6NA / 10ND dimmer. Even the 50watt minimum will sometimes give you problems. We do not recommend the 6D unless you have at least 75watts or better.

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