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Thread: Automatic sequence issue

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    Automatic sequence issue

    Any input on setting up an auto sequence to run an exhaust fan in an equipment room 15 minutes every hour 24 hrs/day. The sequence would change during vacation mode to run 15 minutes every 2hrs.

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    Attached is a sample project file programmed with the functionality you have described. We have a switched fan load programmed to a sequence. On step 1, the fan is on for 15 minutes. Step 2 will turn off the fan. We then have a timeclock called "Fan Timeclock" with an event for 12am, 1am, 2am, and 3am. This is a sample of the events you will have, but you would need 24 events total, 1 for every hour of the day. On the even hours (12am, 2am...), they will run the sequence to turn the fan on for 15 minutes. On the odd hours (1am, 3am...) there is a conditional timeclock event. It will check if vacation mode is disabled. If it is, it will run the fan sequence. If vacation mode were enabled, it would not run.
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