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Thread: Shades Sequences - Eliminate Triple Tap After Upload

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    Shades Sequences - Eliminate Triple Tap After Upload

    I have a shade project that was initially programmed by someone else. Keypad buttons are "Blackout" and "Sunshade". Programming attached to each button are Manual Sequences. Raise | Stop (R) | Lower | Stop (L).

    Majority of the shades are in the up position during the day when we upload to the Lutron processor. Each time we upload we have to go around the house and tap each Shade button 3 times to get it back in sync with the button sequence.

    I assume this is because the sequence gets "reset" when we upload.

    The shade is at RAISE so sending Raise (first tap) does nothing.

    The shade is stopped so STOP (second tap) does nothing.

    Third tap finally sends a command that the shade can do which is LOWER. Now the shade is back in sync and keypad buttons work like they should.

    If my assumption here is correct...Can i just reverse the order of the sequence to eliminate this issue? So Lower | Stop (L) | Raise | Stop (R) ? This would allow shades that are in the RAISEd position to be in sync after the upload.

    Any reason why i can't do it this way? Trying to determine why the programming wasn't done this way in the first place.


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    Not sure in your case what the advantage of having all those sequences is. A simpler way was to change button type to "Open/Stop/Close/Stop". See attached There may be a specific reason they are programmed like that. With that said I have the same problem using my method. Although I have not checked to see if 7.0 fixes this issue. But as you said after and upload I need to do the exact same thing. I think I recall another thread on this subject I will try and find that and see if there were any Lutron comments Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the response. Not sure why the sequences were used. I assume its because the guy liked to stay in one view and build all of the commands without flipping around in the application. Until this project my shades always had 3 buttons (Raise Stop Lower) so i have never put any thought into '1 button per shade' programming. Obviously 1 button is more efficient but this triple tap thing is a pain in the neck.

    The Open/Stop/Close/Stop button suffers from the same issue because after upload the keypad doesn't know that the shade is up so you have to cycle through Open then Stop before you get to the first command that will make the shade move...Close.

    Obviously you can't do anything with your Open/Stop/Close/Stop button because you can't change the order of the commands. I don't think there will ever be a "fix" because they keypads are going to get "reset" with each upload. The keypad/processor have no way of knowing where the shade is (i assume anyway).

    With the manual sequences i can change the order but my fear here is that there is some weird safety issue or technical reason why "Raise" or "Open" (in your case) are the default start commands. Is it a case of "it doesn't really matter" or is there a real reason why its done this way.

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    I think the sequences AND the Open/Stop/Close/Stop programming do track the state of the shades/Blinds. Once they've moved of course.

    Send all the shades UP (from a phantom keypad or a virtual keypad or from a hidden hold function on some keypad or...) after the upload ? If that doesn't work, sending all these down will do the trick.

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    This project only has shade control from the keypad in the room or from the lutron app. Lutron app is used as a utility for testing by us and the clients staff...not as a form of control for the client.

    I don't think the issue is with the shade. It's with the keypad not knowing where the shade is after an upload. If the shade happens to be works just fine. If the shade is up (99.9% of them are during the day) then i have to play the triple tap game at each keypad. Luckily there is only 1 or 2 keypads in most of the rooms. If no one is home i can knock it out in 20 minutes. If someone is home using the gym or in the master suite or the office then i have to wait until they are done. This can tack on an hour at the end of the day.

    I would actually need to send them all down so that the next (first after an upload) keypad button press RAISE would work because the shade is lowered/stopped.

    Up or down..either way...This isn't a realistic work around. The project has over 250 shades. They are all recessed in window & door jams. The house has a staff of 5-15 people milling about and the clients themselves are usually home.

    Crazy part is that the shade programming has been done for over a year. I haven't had to change a single thing since the initial programming phase. I am currently (this week) completing a lighting change punchlist. Each time i upload i have to go around and reset all of these **** shade keypads.

    Tomorrow i am going to be adding some new shades. Depending on quickly they install i might get a change to test my theory. I would have already done it but the slow activation & upload issues have stopped me from experimenting too much.

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    My point exactly : create a button on the lutron app for sending all the shades up, down, or to stop them. Do that once after an upload, and you're done.

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    This is exactly why under the thread for options we would like to see I asked for what we had in illuminations where we could write post upload commands. That's usually a good way to handle setting variables and issues like this. Although I think lutron should take care of this issue within the database.

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    In the latest non-beta (6.2.0) and beta (7.0.0) versions of HomeWorks QS, after a few minutes the keypads will sync automatically with the shade positions and will not need additional button presses to sync. The time would depend on the size of the project as the processor will be updating all components' statuses after a transfer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armando B. View Post
    In the latest non-beta (6.2.0) and beta (7.0.0) versions of HomeWorks QS, after a few minutes the keypads will sync automatically with the shade positions and will not need additional button presses to sync. The time would depend on the size of the project as the processor will be updating all components' statuses after a transfer.
    To be clear...this is true in my case where shade programming is all manual sequences? If so...awesome.

    I had 2 major issues with QS software. Upload time & resetting the **** shades. It takes 30 minutes to do the shade reset walk at one of our projects and i can never just walk the house and go into each room. I have to wait for this person or that person to clear the room before i can get in there. So a lutron upload meant i had to dedicate the last 4 hours of the day to uploading and shade resets.

    With the current version of QS my uploads average between 5-10 minutes depending on whether or not i select the force full transfer button. Light speed compared to the 45+ minute uploads i dealt with for the first year. Activating devices used to be 40 minutes to enter activation mode now its down to several minutes. Now that i wont have to reset shades i can start rock'n & roll'n again. No more free time for facebook and remotecentral while i wait for the upload though :(

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