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Thread: Migrating from Essentials to Inclusive

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    Migrating from Essentials to Inclusive

    if i have an existing system created with essentials, and want to expand beyond its limits, can i just open the project file in inclusive and expand from there? or do i need to start from scratch using inclusive?

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    Yes, you can open the project file using the Inclusive version of the software. This will allow you to continue to expanding the system without needing to re-activate any of the devices.

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    Thats good news. im not so worried about having to re-activate the devices, i just didnt want to have to re-PROGRAM the entire project. i asked this question in my "blast for blast graduates" (1.5 level training) and was told by the instructor that you could NOT import the previous file into inclusive. he said i would have to start over from scratch, and that seemed unbelievable to me. just wanted to check here to confirm. thanks!

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    This post got me thinking. I guess I can't envision a case in which someone would go from Inclusive to Essentials, but if that ever happened, what would happen? Say an inclusive dealer programmed the system and then a homeowner did the L1 Blast and got essentials. If the system had only a small number of devices, would the essentials program still work on the file/system?

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    If the system that was programmed using the Inclusive software consist of 1 main repeater and does not use and of the devices or buttons options that are not support in the Essentials software then yes the Essentials software can open the project file. However if shared scenes are used or any programing option or devices that are Inclusive only are used then no the Essentials software will not be able to open the project file.

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