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Thread: DIN Rail Power Modules

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    DIN Rail Power Modules

    With the introduction of the 0-10V & EcoSystem DIN rail module to the Homeworks QS system can we expect to see other similar hardware ported over such as the phase adaptive & switching DIN rail module?

    If so is there any time line available? If not is this a UL/CSA issue or do you not see a gap in the product line for this hardware?

    This would be huge for installers trying to compete with more streamlined lighting control systems as the panels & MIs and extra processor link required add significant cost to a Homeworks QS project compared to a potential solution using DIN rail modules but still providing a hardwired system.

    As we reach the tipping point of LEDs becoming very common on all projects, myself and other installers don't feel comfortable using WPMs as they can handcuff you with certain fixture selections & adding interfaces late in a project can be very costly.

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    Thanks for the feedback. We are evaluating market needs for the projections of including the additional hardware in HomeWorks QS. At this time, we do not have a timeline or planned commitment for these applications, however.

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