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Thread: Creating Slow Shade Movement

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    Creating Slow Shade Movement


    I am trying to find a way to make "Slow" shade movement where the shade closes over the course of fifteen minutes. The purpose is to slowly reduce sunlight as the sun approaches the view of the window.

    Since there is no movement speed adjustment, the only thing I can come up with is a sequence that repeatedly starts and stops the shade movement. Unfortunately, I don't have any shades here for testing.

    Does this seem like a viable idea or does anyone have a better suggestion?


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    shades as in Sivoia shades ?

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    You can set sivoia shades positions in 1% increments. You can define a sequence with as many steps as you want. Long, painful, but does the job.

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    They are Sivoia QS.

    If the only way is to do 100 positions, I will do that through integration. There's an AMX system involved. Writing that code in Netlinx would be much easier than the HWQS software.


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