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Thread: External Third Party Contact Closure Switch

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    Question External Third Party Contact Closure Switch


    I have a fully working HWQS system, but the client has specified a model of third party switch outside that she wants to use to control the lights outside.

    The switches are momentary contact closure switches which have been wired back to a Lutron QSEIO Board in the main lutron head end.

    I was wondering if there is an allowance in the programming to allow these to be used, or a work around that i can use?

    Any Advice or help would be greatly apprieciated!



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    How about adding a "3rd party sensor" and assigning that to an input on the QSEIO and then on occupancy settings of the QSEIO under programming, set the load you want under "occupied" and then on "unoccupied" set it to unaffected.
    Do the same for the "Off" contact closure switch.
    I've never tried it - but I don't see another way. Yet the spec sheet on the QSEIO says:

    Using the inputs, contact closures in other
    equipment, such as those listed below, can
    trigger HomeWorks® QS system events (e.g.:
    shades, lights, HVAC):
    – Motion and occupant sensors;
    – Timeclocks and push buttons;
    – AV equipment;
    – Security systems

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    Don't assign a 3rd party sensor. Just go to the device under the programming view and you can program the inputs as if they were buttons.

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