We had a dealer that was trying to control a 0-10V fixture that had the capability to change the fixture's colors and their intensity, both from 0-10V sourcing inputs. We thought the information on controlling it would be useful for the forum if anyone else had the need for this application:

You would need the TVM kit mounted on an PNL-8 and two RPM outputs. Physically, a TVM ouput should be wired to the intensity input on the fixture, another TVM output should be wired to the color changing input in the fixture, and the RPM output mapped to the TVM wired to the intensity input should be wired to the fixture to switch power on and off. The other RPM output will be used and mapped to the TVM output that controls the color, but it will nto be wired directly to the fixture.

We would recommend using separate buttons for controlling the instensity and the color change. This will guard against the raise and lower buttons on a keypad distorting the color and instensity at the same time to an undesired configuration.