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Thread: T67 (CE-JB6-650L-27K) Home Depot LED's Buzzing Badly with TGCL-153PH

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    Question T67 (CE-JB6-650L-27K) Home Depot LED's Buzzing Badly with TGCL-153PH

    We have six Home Depot T67 (CE-JB6-650L-27K) LED's installed and just put in the TGCL-53PH to try to dim them (the LED's are dimmable) and they are Buzzing Badly. First of all, is it a fire hazard for the short term? (electrician may not be in for days...)

    Also, I have read to go with an ELV type dimmer but they are expensive... We have 3 dimmers we'd replace...I guess it is doable, but wonder if there are any cheaper alternatives?


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    Pete F.
    We're sorry that you are experiencing the buzzing issue. Rest assured, the buzzing does not create a fire hazard. Some LEDs experience a higher repetitive peak than others. This high repetitive peak is what many times causes the buzzing sound. During testing, we noticed some buzzing on the T67 as well. Here is the Report Card for this bulb. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

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