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Thread: Daylight Saving Time - Conditional Programming

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    Daylight Saving Time - Conditional Programming

    So when you try to program a button with conditional logic, there does not seem to be an option to have the conditional based on whether the system is in Daylight Savings Time or not??
    Am I missing something?
    I see that under project settings you can choose to enable DST and adjust when the spring forward and fall back dates occur, but I guess after that, you have to manually track this change with your own variable (and thus remember to adjust this variable if you alter the DST parameters in project settings)? It would be nice to create conditionals that are based on the DST mode. ie. lights turning on at a certain fixed/astronomical time just before DST would need adjustment just after DST takes effect.

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    The DST configuration is set to update the timeclock of the system when the daylight savings time changes. Thank you for the feedback on allowing the system to program conditionals based on the DST status. As you mention, you can have an alternate timeclock set to the calendar dates that DST happens and change the state depending on the DST status.

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    Not sure why you need to know when the system clock has been adjusted for DST ? Off the top of my head you do know when the system is being adjusted by the date. So you could simply just track it by date. It is the date you set in set up to make those changes so making a simple time clock function with variable as you mentioned based on the specific dates used to set system to DST you would be tracking DST or clock adjustment.

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