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Thread: Advanced Timeclock Troubleshooting

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    Advanced Timeclock Troubleshooting

    A dealer had asked us for specific timeclock testing commands for the HomeWorks QS software terminal and we thought the information would be useful to share in the forum. Please be aware most if not all these commands can be found on the Lutron Commands menu at the bottom of the terminal screen.

    Testing Timeclock in Terminal

    At any point, you may type in the command "??" to view a list of available commands. To review a description of the command, type in commands on the format: "?help,command" for example: "?help,?timeclock". To review the specific command action, you can send a command in the format: "?help,command,action number". For example: "?help,?timeclock,1"

    The command "gettime" will display the current system time

    The command "settime" will set the system time. Please use format "settime,hh,mm,ss"

    The command "getdate" will show the current date. The command "setdate" will allow you to change the current date. Please use format "setdate,mm,dd,yy"

    Type in the command "getsunrise" to see the time the system is supposed to go on to sunrise for that specific day

    Type in the command "getsunset" to see the time the system is supposed to go on to sunset for that specific day

    To test the timeclock, we will need to know the ID of the project timeclock. You may find it in Tools->Configure Integration->IDs tab-> Project Time Clock and note the ID of the timeclock. You may also get this information from the integration report

    Type in the command "?timeclock,<ID>,4" and it will tell you the timeclock events scheduled for that day as well as the time they are scheduled.

    Type in the command "#timeclock,<ID>,5,<event index>, to execute a timeclock event. Please be aware, the event index is the index in order of how the events were created.

    Example of Advanced Troubleshooting:
    Send a getsunset command, then set the time of the timeclock 10 seconds before sunset to see if the timeclock happens as it should using the settime command. For example, if the sunset happens at 20:08 (8:08pm), do this command: "settime,20,07,50" and will set the time to 8:07:50pm. After 10 seconds, it will be sunset; you may use the "gettime" command to double check. If the timeclock occurs, it should be working fine. If it does not, there is something wrong.

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    When sending the command "?timeclock,<ID>,4"

    All timeclock events possible for the day will be listed. Including those that are disabled and Vacation mode events (even if vacation mode is disabled).

    In order to best determine if a specific project timeclock is enabled or disabled, please follow the steps in the post below:

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