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Thread: Countdown timer for Braun ceiling fans

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    Countdown timer for Braun ceiling fans

    The Braun series of ultra quiet ceiling fans(XB80)specify they are to be controlled by
    an ON/OFF, mechanical, or relay type of switch. They cannot be speed controlled.
    The line voltage is fed to a 2 by 8 inch circuit board that converts the AC to DC.
    The fan is just too quiet to not have some kind of timer on it. An Amazon customer left a review
    of the Maestro MA-T51MN, saying it worked just fine on his XB80, but that was one positive against many
    warnings. Anybody got an opinion? Dale.

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    If your fan is low voltage and does not draw enough amps, the Maestro timer will turn on and off rapidly... being more of a headache than a help. If your fan is 120V you should be fine.

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    Katie H.

    The MA-T51MN will send a digital on and off signal. It will not try to control the speed at all. The MA-T51MN has a minimum load of 5 watts (compared to the MA-T51 at 40 watts) and should not experience any rapid on/off issues that may be experienced if the minimum load is not met. Please keep in mind the MA-T51MN is a neutral based control, and will need a neutral connection in the wall box in order to function.

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