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Thread: DPM Failure and Keypad freezing.

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    DPM Failure and Keypad freezing.

    I have this homeworks job which I just commissioned, initially everything worked ok after deploying my programme on the processor. However a particular area of the the house being controlled by a DPM Phase Adaptive was not working properly, here the pendant which is and independent zone always comes on full blast with any other zone, even when programmed to 0% for any of the scenes, and then 2 weeks later or so, the entire lights in this area went off, with the Hi Temp indicator on the DPM permanently on. I manually isolated power from the DPM through the supply breaker, on restoring power, all the zone lights will come on for a second and go off again, till date. I have isolated power from the DPM for more than 24 hours but to no avail.
    presently it appears everything has gone wrong, as two more DPMs on the installation are DEAD, no single LED indicator light comes on now and offcourse no light in the zones.
    Also from time to time the keypads freeze and no longer respond to button presses until a hard reset is done on the prosessor (Power off and the on).
    Please Help!

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    Thank you for the description on your post. In order to best investigate this issue, we would need to see a support file for this system while connected to the processor. In the software, please go to "Help->Support->Create Support File". We ask you please email the support file to as well as the answers to the questions below:

    - Where are the DPM modules mounted?
    - Please send us an image of the mounting of the DPMs that had this issue.
    - What are the load types of the DPM modules that are having issues?
    - What is the total wattage on the DPMs having this issue?
    - Please provide us the name and location in the software of the DPMs having this issue.
    - In the software, are there any gaps between zone assignment in the modules? There cannot be non-consecutive gaps in the module assignment. For example, you can have zones assigned in outputs 1,2, and 3; but not have zones assigned as 1, 2, and 4.
    - What keypad link is having issues in the software?

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    Thanks for the response Armando. The following will suffice on the information requested.
    i. The DPMs are mounted on a din rail panel from Future Automations LCP4 -6RCB
    ii. The Load types on the affected DPMs are basically LED (Forward Phase) as well as incandescent halogen lamps.
    iii. The total wattage on DPM 3 is 721w, DPM 4 is 175W and DPM 5 is 1460W.
    iv. I believe what you mean by location is DPM 003, 004 and 005
    v. There are no gaps between the zones of the affected DPMs
    I have also tried to attach the image of the DPMs as mounted on the panel here, but to no avail. I could send those to your mail box if I could get that.

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    Thanks for the update, Raymond

    Could you please send a zipped file and reference this forum post to with a support file from the system as well as the mounting images? In the software, please go to "Help->Support->Create Support File" while connected to the system.

    How is the processor blinking when the keypads lock up?
    How do the keypads blink when they lock up?
    Could you also tell us the model and manufacturer of the LED bulbs being used in the DPMs?

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