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Thread: Vacation Mode

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    Vacation Mode


    I am having difficulties understanding and programming a vacation mode for a client and can't seem to find technical information on how to properly do this. When vacation mode is pressed, if someone comes home and presses a scene, does that cancel the vacation mode? Is vacation mode a toggle on/off? When programming this, do I have to enter a vacation mode event as well as a cancel vacation mode event?


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    With Radio Ra2, if the system is in Away mode and someone comes home and presses a scene, the system will stay in Away mode. Away mode is a toggle on/off via a keypad button. When the system is in Away mode it will run timeclocks that are programmed to run in away mode. When creating your timeclock events, you can have them programmed to happen during Normal and Away or just in one mode.

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    To simulate a vacation mode in RadioRA 2, you first need to program several timeclock events that are only triggered to execute during the "Away" timeclock mode. You then need to program a keypad button to trigger the "Away" timeclock mode. The button will act as a toggle between the "Away" and "Normal" timeclock modes. For instance, when the homeowner leaves for vacation they would press the "Away" button which will execute the "Away" timeclock mode events each day that the homeowner is out of town. The status LED for that button will be lit to indicate the system is in "Away" mode. When the homeowner returns home, they would press the same "Away" button which will toggle the system timeclock back into "Normal" mode, turn off the status LED on the button, and begin executing the the normal events.

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