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Thread: Mastro fan and light control will not hold full brightness

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    Mastro fan and light control will not hold full brightness

    I have a Mastro fan control and digital fade dimmer (MA-LFQHW-WH) that is having an issue operating the lights on my fan at full brightness. With the dimmer set on maximum (actually the highest it will go without the issue is the second step on the third from top LED) the light briefly goes to full brightness then after 2-6 seconds instantly fades down to about the equivalent of the third from bottom LED. The fan control functions flawlessly. I have 4 60w incandescent bulbs installed and have tried several different brands/combinations. The packaging indicates it can handle 300w so I think it should be able to handle that. I have also tried the FASS switch at the bottom a couple times with no success. The fan is a Hunter brand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    There may be some kind of 'current limiter' inside that fan that could be interfering with the dimmer. You could try contacting Hunter and see if there is some type of current limiter in it.

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