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Thread: HWQS Honeywell wiring

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    HWQS Honeywell wiring

    I am replacing a Honeywell 4-wire stat with a LR-HWLV-HVAC. The new stat requires a common on terminal "C", is this not the same as as the common ground with-in the furnace? I do have a spare wire running from the furnace to the thermostat, I just want to be sure before I connect the common. Honeywell tech support was "USELESS".

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    You should have a common "C" on the HVAC system itself; if you have an additional wire, this could connect the common terminal from the HVAC system to the TouchPro "C" terminal. Please see pages three and four on the attached wiring document as it goes over the different wiring configurations for the type of HVAC systems. It will highlight was is needed in the "C" terminal for the HVAC system you have.
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    Thanks for the help that is what I thought

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    It was pretty hard to do. I just let my brother do change the wiring for me. He is an expert with that.

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