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Thread: Best switch or dimmer for motion lights

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    Best switch or dimmer for motion lights

    What has been successfully used to control a typical outdoor motion sensor light (2 floods)? I have one on my patio and yesterday I attempted to install a RRD-6CL. I was not able to any light whatsoever.


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    a 6CL is a dimmer. motion lights are typically for security. you would want them at full brightness. so a switch (no dimmer) would be ideal. try using a RRD-8ANS

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    The 6CL does not have a neutral, so the dimmer turns off when the photocell breaks the circuit. Trax is correct with the neutral wire switch. It will remain "on" even if the PC turns the light off. If you still want to dim, use a neutral wire dimmer such as 10ND or 6NA.
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