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Thread: A/V Control from RA2

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    A/V Control from RA2

    I have been searching everywhere but can't find any info on how to integrate a home stereo system to RA2. I would like to put a Leviton HIFI2 system in my home and be able have some of my keypad buttons control the stereo. Example have an entertain button that would turn on all common room lights and set all stereo zones to a predetermined source and volume level. Is this possible? I am also wondering if there is a way to control other components as well such as the TV or Blu-ray player etc. through RA2. Any info or suggestions would be muchly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    The RadioRA2 system does not have the ability to send out custom strings. For this type of integration and third party system would need to be used. The third party system would need to be able to be programmed to perform an action based on the feedback that the RadioRA2 system can provide.

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