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Thread: Power outage notification via radio ra2

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    Power outage notification via radio ra2

    I have a client that would like to receive notification via phone and or email of a power outage at there vacation home. They do not have any type of security system in the home. Could you tell me how to achieve this via radio ra2? I thought of using a power outage contact closure I find on line and somehow using a VCRX or a contact closure module to integrate with Ra2. I'm just not sure of what the notification part would look like or be. Please help. Thanks

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    There are no notification features. This is something you'd have to set up using other tools. One idea might be to use a router or alarm system capable of monitoring a UPS (battery backup). But there's nothing in RA2 that would deal with this directly (nor would there be, really).

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    I use APC Smart-UPSes or MasterSwitches to do this. It provides emails, and I also set up for humidity and temp alerts

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