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Thread: Security Mode Request

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    Security Mode Request

    I believe this was fixed in Classic RA but it seems to have made its way back to RR2. Security alarms typically go off at odd hours - like 3:00 am.

    1. The ability to turn lights on at something other than 100% is advantageous because it allows you to turn a lot of lights on without blinding the homeowner that just woke up.

    2. Returning lights to the previous state is a NO GO! At 3:00 am all the lights were off. As soon as the owner silences the alarm the house is completely dark again. I have no problem telling the owner he will have to turn the lights off after the silencing the alarm. It might be an issue if the owner is out of town when the alarm goes off. A well planned vacation program would cure that.

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    Easy trick, do not select the homeowner's bedroom as part of your full/flash. Third party/RS-232 on alarm to trigger a phantom keypad button to turn on bedroom to say, 20%. Homeowner will have control of their BR lights, not be blinded, and the rest of the house is all on/flashing.
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    Interesting work around. You would also have to add all the bedrooms and the living room because dad sometimes falls asleep watching tv, and the theater because the kids sometimes... Even so, as soon as they walk out of the room they will be in a room with all lights at 100%. You also have the issue of varying light fixtures. I don't want the 400-watt dining chandelier at 100%. I don't want the hall pendant at 25%.

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