We have had calls from a few dealers having issues connecting to their processors when the processor is hard-wired to a router and the computer has a wireless connection to the router. One of the described symptoms is that the processor will fail to connect in the "Activate" screen.

Before troubleshooting this connection, please ensure all firewalls and antivirus are temporarily disabled or off.

Sometimes, a router can have security settings or configurations that will not allow or facilitate the communication described above. It would be a good troubleshooting step to test a hard-wire connection from the computer to the router. If the processor activates at this point, we would recommend working with the router manufacturer to see if there is a security setting that would be blocking the connection to the system when the computer is wirelessly connected to the router.

If the processor does not connect even when the computer is hard-wired to the router, it would be beneficial to connect directly from the computer to the processor. It would ensure the processor is in working order as this would eliminate the router connection completely. Please ensure the computer and processor have an IP address in the same network. This means the first three sets of numbers on the IP address must be the same.