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Thread: Dmx

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    Anyone out there integrating 3rd party DMX into QS? I've had some recent successes prototyping an rs232-based product from Its programmable to load and save color scenes on a room-by-room or load-by-load basis, and provides a simple way to customize RGB values on the fly using a properly programmed Lutron keypad. Right now I've got RGB customization working using a 10-key RF table top unit (load, store, next Stored scene, previous stored scene, add/subtract RGB increments to change the displayed color). It's nice because one DMX box can do up to 63 stored scenes, with each scene capable of addressing the entire universe.

    Adding rooms is a bit of a problem, because each new RGB load will require a unique slightly-tweaked instruction set to properly index the DMX channels corresponding to that load ( this procedure takes the place of being able to assign the load to DMX channels once during device configuration, like you can with the LUTDMX). The other drawback is that fading and cross fade settings are imbedded in each individual instruction, so changing them wholesale takes a fair amount of time.

    Any other implementation options I should look at before deploying?

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    Er, what about the QSE-CI-DMX ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mehuneau View Post
    Er, what about the QSE-CI-DMX ?

    Can an you parallel this with this local control?

    DMX newbie

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    If the DMX controller can communicate over the Network, see scenario 2 of the app note attached. If the DMX controller can communicate over RS-232, please follow scenario 4. If the DMX controller works over contact closures, you can wire it to the QSE-IO.
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    Not sure which direction you are talking about. From third party to QS or both directions.

    I have a QS system with DMX from Lutron. This system works as a standalone as well as Crestron integration. Programming is pretty tough with the way we did it but it works. So, at the Lutron keypad I have one button called DMX. I created several preset colors and as you press the button it will toggle through these preset colors. I was also able to trick out the programming to have raise and lower affect the intensity. I can provide a sample of this programming if anyone is interested. In addition to that I have created Crestron integration control with a color wheel so to speak that will allow a touch panel or iPad control to rotate the color as your finger rests on the presets. This also works well.
    What I did not get is too much information from vendors on integration of these devices. It was all trial and error. Took about 60 hours of playing around to finally land on the right combination of product and programming. Lots of traffic, and lost of delays initially in keeping the system going. Of course I have about 60 different zones of RGB-W that I have in this one system. Makes for a rather confusing programming matrix but it is working.

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    How did you get DMX RGB "master-lower" to work in QS (or did you rely entirely on integration commands)? If you used a QSE-CI-DMX, Did you pre-program all the intensities for every single color, and then toggle thru them on a "master raise-lower" button press?

    I haven't dealt with this in a while, but I'll add this - what I'd love to see is a Lutron-native DMX controller which his programmer-customizable as to number of channels (or at least 5 channels, for RGBWA), that can correctly respond to master fade commands, so it works fluidly in a scene with multiple light types. And then, perhaps add a color wheel option onto the dynamic keypad, or Home+, if only to provide full native support that is tweak-able by the end-user. There may not be enough demand for multi-color options to justify the expense of properly incorporating it into the QS sales demographic, but I'm seeing more and more Philips Hue-type solutions in the marketplace, so there is at lease some demographic out there wanting those features.

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    I would be very grateful to see the programing for the Lutron QS side or even a screen shot of the command set.

    I am simply trying to talk to the "Stick KU1" via ethernet.
    Nothing fancy, simply button 1, button 2, Off type commands.
    No two-way needed.

    I have the Stick at a static IP, can reach it via iPad app and Utility manager, so I know it's working over Ethernet.
    Its looking for a UDP datagram on port 2430

    Appreciate any help

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    did you get anything back from this request.
    I'm in the same boat
    Needing info

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    Quote Originally Posted by abutchart View Post
    did you get anything back from this request.
    I'm in the same boat
    Needing info

    Not sure I was attempting same thing he did
    I am simply trying to issue a UPD datagram via ethernet

    "Button 3 press preset 2"
    seemed simple enough

    I have talked with tech support
    All the info looks to be entered correctly, yet when I monitor it, nothing shows up?
    Like QS never sends the info?

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    Are you using the "Stick KU1"?


    Lutron qse-ci-dmx?

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