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Thread: Simple Occupancy Fan System Setup

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    Simple Occupancy Fan System Setup

    Hello this is my first time posting in this forum,

    I am interested in setting up a fan occupancy system and i was looking at the following parts.

    LRF-2-O-W-LB-P-WH Lutron IR wall sensor, battery operated
    RMJ-H20R-DV-B Lutron Powpak 20A relay module rated for 1.0 HP (120v)
    MA-FQ4FM-WH Lutron 7 speed fan controller

    The fan that is being power is the following:

    Would these parts be compatible with each other? Let me know if i can provide additional details or information. Thank you.

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    The fan you listed has its own wall-mount control. The documentation is not clear if the fan has its own canopy module (receiver) or it is built into the electronics of the fan. The MA-FQ4 requires a Lutron CM-FQ1 (included in package) canopy module. Even if you could replace the Hampton module with the Lutron module there is always the possibility that the speed of the motor may change or get reversed.

    Depending on your layout, you could use a MS-OPS5 in-wall sensor to control power to the Hampton wall control.
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    Hey thanks for the response. So i actually already have the ir sensor setup previously for the lighting, but i would like to reuse this same sensor and get it to work the fan also. Would you recommend if i should still use the ir sensor and relay module and used the included wall-mount control for the fan?

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