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Thread: Best LED Pot Light Retrofits for dimming

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    Best LED Pot Light Retrofits for dimming

    Just retrofit a number of 6" cans with TCP 12DR627 using 6NA dimmers.

    I'm not pleased with the results - the LED's flicker when being dimmed and are not linear at all

    Anyone have recommendations for 6" and 4" retrofit (PAR adapters) that perform like incandescent?



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    To ensure compatibility we would recommend using the LED product selection tool at Here you can perform a search by lamp/fixture type and Lutron control. When you perform a search you can then click in the product name of the LED to get a report that will list all compatible Lutron controls, how many fixture/bulbs are recommended per control and the dimming range.

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    We use the Halo or the Elites nd they dim without an issues.... The new C.L dimmers will most likely fix your problem. They are working great for us!

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    I've had pretty good luck with Cree.

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    Nora Cobalt series. fantastic on neutral dimmers and Comfort Dim available.
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    SORAA bulbs dim nicely with the 6NA, high quality light (though $$$).

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