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Thread: Momentary Feedback on Phantom Keypads

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    Question Momentary Feedback on Phantom Keypads


    We are currently controlling a HWQS system from an AMX system and are basing all of the feedback for AMX on HWQS LED states (phantom keypad LED logic is set to Scene). This works great for most situations when we know the actual state of the devices controlled by the keypad.

    However, we have a couple cases where we're doing one-way control from Lutron (contact closure outs) and we don't know the actual state of the controlled devices. In these cases, we would like the feedback sent to AMX to be momentary (i.e. "LED" "lights" for a short time when the button is pressed). But when we set our phantom keypads this way, I see no LED status updates from Lutron when looking at terminal (with LED monitoring enabled).

    Does anyone know of a way to make phantom keypads have momentary feedback that gets sent out to devices via the integration protocol?


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    Hi Martopg, you can set the load type to CCO pulsed integration and then make it a part of an automatic sequence. Then have the button trigger the sequence, I mocked this up using the attached project file in 13.0 software and it provides LED feedback. I have a sample file available, if you'd like a copy please send a request to and reference that you had posted here and we'll send it to you.

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