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Thread: Hide room in the Lutron App

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    Hide room in the Lutron App

    Is there a way to hide rooms in the Lutron App? The equipment room for example that does not have any dimmers.

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    This is a good question. I normally can hide rooms if I change the zone location of every dimmer/keypad in the room I want to hide to other locations so that no load exists in that room. But if there is any temp control, the app adds the temp icon in ALL rooms, including the ones without out any other loads left in it, like the mech room or closet. Any ideas?

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    We have passed along this request to be able to not have all the rooms appear in the Lutron Home Control+ app when temperature control is part of the system.

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    I don't think so if you can hide a room in the Lutron App.

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    Quote Originally Posted by margaretB View Post
    I don't think so if you can hide a room in the Lutron App.
    Maybe you could put it on layaway?

    Invite-only forum is looking pretty good right now.


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    Wouldn't you be able to hide the room via unchecking the room ID in the integration tab? Should clean up the UI.
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