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Thread: How can I get Lutron Homeworks QS Software

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    How can I get Lutron Homeworks QS Software

    Hello colleagues.
    I want to implement Homeworks QS System in my home. I am going to buy some modules via ebay.
    The only issue is how can i program the system. Can I download the software somewhere?
    Have created myLutron acount and I am unable to download designer+.
    I have not entered Lutron account number or training code. I do not have them.
    Is there a way to gain account number?

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    No. Lutron only provides software to approved dealers that have completed HQS training. They used to have an owner version of HomeWorks Illumination. There has been no talk of an owner version of HQS.

    Once a HQS system is programmed, an owner can do a lot of programming via the app. They can not add devices to the system or rename them but they can change button and time clock programming including creating new events.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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