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Thread: Leviton ODS10-IDW Keeps Turning On after timeout

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    Leviton ODS10-IDW Keeps Turning On after timeout

    Regardless of sensitivity settings, this ODS 10-IDW (almond) switch (intermittently) continues to turn on, unless I manually press the switch off. Often times it just turns on by itself.

    Button settings: Timeout-> (1), Range-> (1), Light-> (1)

    Setting the Light setting to (10) seems to help (sometimes), but no difference anything in between. The light turns on first when the Light setting is put to (1).

    Setting the Range button seems to have no effect whatsoever.

    Switch is located in smaller laundry room area and powers a standard 4' fluorescent lamp w/electronic ballast dual lamp ceiling light. Room is generally dark though some ambient light from hallway spills into the room in the day.

    Even with sensor set to minimal angle and tape placed over it, the light still switches on immediately.

    This sensor switch replaced an existing 3-way (remote switch was removed and wiring changed to single)

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    This is a Lutron forum, however, sometimes IR can bounce off reflective surfaces. Like bouncing your TV remote signal off a wall or picture. IR is also subject to heat sensitivity. Proximity to a HVAC vent, refrigerator exhaust, etc. can give false readings.
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    The switch is next to a cabinet, no heat source within 50 feet unless the washer/dryer are on (which makes no difference). The room is generally dark and whatever light goes into the room is minimal and static. Again, when the switch is manually shut off - the switch doesn't power on unless I walk past it. Once it's activated by motion, it won't stay turned off and switches back on immediately after power off. Even with sensor completely covered, this activity continues until manual power down

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