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Thread: Nest - Ra2 keypads

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    Nest - Ra2 keypads

    We have a RadioRa2 system that controls our lights and shades. I want to integrate thermostats into the system. Unfortunately our HVAC is a four-pine fan coil with three thermostat driven fan speeds (G1,G2,G3 wires). The only Lutron thermostat that supports three fan speeds is the Palladiom. The Palladiom is Homeworks only - an annoying downside of RadioRa2.

    The new generation of Nest thermostats supports three fan speeds. If I integrate my Nest Thermostats with Lutron RadioRa2, what functionality do I gain? Can I set a scene button on one of my keypads to change temperature? (E.G. if i push a Sleep scene button on my bedroom keypad, can it close all shades, kill the lights AND turn temperature to 68 degrees).

    If this isn't possible - what are the benefits of integrating Nest with Lutron vs. just controlling it via Alexa or Nest's own mobile app?

    If there are other solutions (or thermostats) I am missing for the three speed fan issue - please let me know.


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    The only thing you will gain is to see the nest on the lutron app. You will be able to control it via the lutron scene control or time clock to control nest. You could add Rti control that would talk to nest and ra2.
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