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Thread: Switching on 4A or 4U

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    Switching on 4A or 4U

    Using Homeworks QS v6.1.0.

    I know that I can put a inc/hal switched circuit on a 4A or 4U but why when I put a switched fluorescent it says that I need to add a PHPM-SW-DV-WH? Its just a switched circuit non dim!

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    All four outputs on a 4A or 4U need to be at zero for the internal relay to click off. So if any of the four outputs are "on" you will get a (shockable) amount of current flow on the other outputs when they are set to "off". Normally this is not a problem but when you connect a non-dimming ballast to a 4A or 4U, and any of the other outputs are "on", this current leakage can sometimes cause the fluorescent fixture, while "off", to flicker.

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