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Thread: Maestro C-L Model 153M will not turn off the LED bulbs

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    Maestro C-L Model 153M will not turn off the LED bulbs

    New Member. First Post. Installed Two of the above dimmer controls an hour ago.

    One dimmer controlling 4 new LED bulbs on a single switch works perfectly. Thank goodness.


    The second dimmer controlling 3 of the same brand LED Bulbs on one switch will not completely turn off the glow of the bulbs with the "off Tap". ( I understand that there will still be juice there, but not this much.)

    If I pull the bulb change slider these 3 lights do turn off.

    Using the Step 7 (Optional) to try to adjust the dimmer setting achieves no result.

    Each circuit has one dimmer switch and they are mounted in the switch box side by side.

    The problem follows the dimmer switch when they are swapped one for the other.

    Anyone have a suggestion other than sending the one switch back to the seller?

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    You said you swapped the dimmers and the one continued to have issues. Did the working dimmer continue to work when moved to the 3 lights? If so, the dimmer is bad.

    Also, make sure you have power in on the black screw. There is a possibility you have 2 circuits in the box (controlled by 2 breakers). If so, make sure the neutrals are separated.
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    Randyc, thanks for the helpful post.

    Yes swapping the two controllers had the problem following the controller that did not work properly and the good controller operated both circuits of lights as expected.

    All circuits in the box are on the same breaker, so that potential issue is avoided.

    As a result, I have begun the return/replace process with the seller.

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