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Thread: Dimmer Switch on Security Light with Motion Sensor?

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    Dimmer Switch on Security Light with Motion Sensor?

    I'm thinking of installing Caseta swiches for some of my exterior lighting. Some of them are security/flood lights with motion sensor. I know I can install a non-dimmer Caseta switch (PD-6ANS-WH), but can I also use a dimmer like PD-6WCL?

    The security light itself has a dual-mode/dimmer feature, but I don't want to climb a letter 20 feet every time I want to adjust it. Wondering if I put one of these lights on a dimmer switch and lower the dimmer, if the light itself would 1) work and dim 2) work and not dim 3) shut off/break

    Anyone do this before?

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    99.9% probability it will not work. Most LED floods do not dim. The 6WCL has a high minimum load plus the sensor and/or photo cell are preventing it from seeing the load at all. You could try the 10NXD but I don't think that would work either.

    If the lights have some sort of dual mode, you may be able to activate it by some code like a rapid on-off-on.
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