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Thread: HRD Dimmer serial addressing problem

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    HRD Dimmer serial addressing problem

    Hello all. Hoping someone might be able to help me out with a dimmer addressing issue. I recently added an HRP5-120 RF processor to my existing Illumination system. Have gotten everything setup and working except for some used HRD-6's & 5NE's that I picked up. They refuse to show up upon triple-tap in serial address mode. Have several new keypads and HRD's that came up with no problem, so this leads me to think that there is an RF reset procedure I'm not aware of?

    I have tried the APM reset procedure (Switch FASS on while holding tap button until load dims twice). Have also found reference to a reset by triple-tap/hold, triple-tap again procedure but the dimmers do not respond to this with scrolling LED's.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

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    You are correct. If the device is registered to another system you must reset it prior to adding to a new system. The triple tap reset only works on QS systems (RR2, HQS). It's been a while since I have done this but...

    Pull the gap switch.
    Press and hold the paddle and up rocker (dimmer only)
    Push the gap switch in - dimmer LEDs will cycle, switch LED will blink
    Release and press and hold the paddle and down rocker (dimmer only)
    Release when LED flashes
    It takes 10-15 seconds to complete the reset.

    FYI - if you go to, service & support, legacy devices there is some documentation for your system.
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    That did it! Thanks so much Randy.

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