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Thread: MS-OPS2 sticking o

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    MS-OPS2 sticking o

    I just installed a MS-OPS2 occupancy switching switch. It is sticking on and not switchable. A thread from 2013 said the following:

    ) What happened when you first turned it on:
    a. Did the product work one time, but now itís stuck? In other words, were the lights turned off at first, but you were able to turn them on, and now they are stuck on? This indicates that the device is switching the neutral.
    b. Is the switch stuck in the off position? This may mean that the sensor does not have a good ground connection. Keep in mind, this may also mean that the unit was damaged upon installation Ė make sure that power is turned off at the breaker during installation and that you are only connecting it to the wires that were connected to the original switch."

    Sadly this does not apply. My ground is good, the voltage from the hot lead to ground is 120V, I have tried switching the switch leg wires to see if that made any difference. It didn't. So I am out of options unless you can suggest one.

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    Is the device not turning off with the paddle-switch, not timing out or both?

    Sometimes the plate can make the button stick but that doesn't sound like what you are describing.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Sadly, both. When I first energized the switch nothing happened. I pushed the paddle switch and the lights came on, and stayed on ... and on .... Pushing the paddle switch has no affect now. If I turn the breaker off, then close it again the light is on. I have not installed a plate yet.

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    "She's dead Jim!"

    The sensor does require a ground connection for reference. You tested that.

    How many black wires are connected to the sensor? Sometimes power comes into the box on 1 wire, out to other boxes on 1 or more wires, and up to the light (switch leg) on a black wire. It is easy to get the wires mixed up. It is possible you have the switch leg tied to the power in. This would bypass the sensor and the light would never go off. Since the light was off until you pushed the paddle, this doesn't seem likely.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    The ground is good. There are three wires in the box, a black, a white, and a bare ground. The white is the hot switch leg, the black is the switched leg that goes up to the light, and the ground is the ground. Voltage between the white and bare wires in 120v (meaning that the path to ground is fine). No voltage between the black and the ground. I tried switching the switches' leads that the white and black are connected to, and it made no difference (the bottom lead in power in, correct?) The electrical box is one of those tiny metal boxes people used to use, that the switch barely fits into. I tried pulling the switch out of the box hanging in mid air in front of it to see if there was a "box effect" (but I don't know what that could be since the only wire touching the box was the little metal sensor wire which is connected to ground anyway). So I am flummoxed.

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    Hello Neil Gillies,

    Thank you for your post!

    Based on the information you provided it appears your sensor is not functioning properly even though it should.

    Please call our 24/7 technical support line at 1-844-588-7661 for a replacement.

    Hope this helps!

    Julia K.

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    Hi Julia.Thanks for the offer. I gave up and returned the device and will put in a regular switch.

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    my occupancy switch has two black wires and a green wire. The green wire is ground. If it made a difference between the two black wires, then one of them should be red to indicate a switched voltage. Since that is not the case then it should make no difference... one is hot going into the sensor, the other is hot coming out of the sensor when it detects motion. '.

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